Red Light Therapy


What is RLT?

A red light therapy system looks similar to a tanning bed but has NO ultraviolet rays, so there is no risk of overexposure. Red light systems are not medical devices, and we won't make medical claims; however, the cosmetic benefits are overwhelming. 

How does RLT work?

Using 633nm lamps, red light beds penetrate red light and heat deep into the skin offering temporary relief from ordinary aches and pains. The light allows you to relax and take your cares away while it repairs, rejuvenates, and heals your spirits.

Who uses RLT?

Red light therapy is recommended by NASA and there are hundreds of articles which discuss the benefits as whole body treatments for: 

-Reducing the appearance of stretch marks

-Speeding up the healing of acne

-Collagen repair

-Increasing circulation

-Aches and pains

& many other aliments

How often should I use RLT?

Most people see results in as little as four weeks, and significant results by week six. We recommend three to five 20 minute sessions a week for one month to see the best results. Regular follow up sessions should be scheduled to ensure that your skin maintains the benefits as well as keep it looking its best. 

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